Utah Removable Pool Fences

Utah families that have swimming pools value safety highly.  Many of these families either have young children themselves or have friends or family with young children.  Children from newborn to 5 years old are most at-risk around the pool, which gives loved ones cause for concern but there are things that can be done help keep these children safe.  There are safe and effective tools to secure the family swimming pool including removable pool fences, automatic pool covers, and manual pool covers.

Automatic safety pool covers are great and usually the best option but there are times when the design of a pool does not allow use of a retractable pool cover.  In such a case, removable pool fences are a great solution because they provide a physical barrier between the home and the pool.

The benefits of a removable pool fence include being removable by an adult without tools, maintains clear visibility of the pool area, and can be installed around virtually any pool or yard, and they are affordable.

Removable Pool Fence Installation in Utah

Poolsafe specializes in the installation of swimming pool safety products including removable pool fences.  We have been in business since 1983 and a leader of pool fence installation since 2002.  Poolsafe acquired Elite Pool Covers in 2014, a company founded in 2009 to operate in Utah.  Elite Pool Covers had a great reputation with customers for workmanship and customer service.  Poolsafe adds infrastructure to the equation so that we can take even better care of our customers and ensure long-term care for our customers.

When a removable pool fence is installed around a pool, there are several options.  People generally think that they have to encircle the pool but they can also enclose the pool by going around a portion of the pool and then terminating the fence at a yard feature or the house.  The layout depends on the design of the backyard and how it is used by the family.  Since every situation is different, we will meet with you to discuss the best option.

There are basically two different kinds of poles used for pool fence.  One version uses a 1” aluminum pole, which requires a huge 1 ¼” hole in the deck whereas ours is a 1’ aluminum pole that transitions to a ½” solid stainless steel pin allowing us to only drill a 5/8” hole.  Not only is the hole we drill smaller but our pole is stronger because of the solid stainless steel pin.

When you need a pool fence in Utah, Poolsafe is the company you need.  We provide the highest quality products and installation and have been in business for decades.  Our business is thriving because we do things the right way and we would love to help you too.  Please contact us to arrange a safety consultation.