Automatic Swimming Pool Covers & Removable Pool Fences

Professionals commonly agree that the primary safety product for a swimming pool should be one that acts as a “physical barrier” to keep children away from the water.

We have two specialties: pool covers and pool fences. As a cover specialist, we have secured more unique pools than anyone, even inventing new applications for the automatic cover. As a fence specialist, we have exclusively offered the “pin-pole”, or the strongest pole available because we emphasize safety.

Automatic Safety Pool Covers

Automatic Safety Pool Covers

Our covers provide the best physical barrier because it completely seals the pool. Benefits of an automatic safety cover include:


Strong and durable, ours exceeds standards of ASTM, UL, social services, and building codes


Opens or closes in 30 to 60 seconds on average so you can swim at a moment’s notice


Keeps yard debris out of the water and inhibits green algae growth

Environmentally friendly

Virtually eliminates evaporation and reduces chemical usage


Reduces equipment run-time by as much as 70%, saving electricity

Passive solar heating and retention

Adds as much as 8 to 12 degrees to the water, extending your swim season


Low profile design does not alter the focus of your yard and/or view, and because we are auto cover specialists you have more options

Learn how automatic safety pool covers make your pool safer. 

Removable Mesh Pool Fences

Provides the second best physical barrier because it completely encloses the pool but can be taken down when necessary. Benefits of a removable pool fence include:


Satisfies standards of ASTM, social services, and some building codes


Can be installed around virtually any pool


Easy to use daily and removable without tools

Learn how removable pool fences create a safer swimming pool environment from a pool fence specialist.  

Area of Operations

Our customers including homeowners, swimming pool contractors, service professionals, and pool supply stores recommend us because of our commitment to the highest quality service and products. We serve customers throughout the western states of California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and internationally in British Columbia and Mexico.  We only have installation and service offices in California, Idaho, and Utah but have dealers in many areas throughout the states listed.  Areas where we offer installation and service are