San Diego County Removable Pool Fences

Many San Diego families enjoy entertainment and fun in their private swimming pools.  There is nothing like having a pool party with the kids playing, adults enjoying themselves, and a bit a good food and drink.  Many families create great memories involving fun in their swimming pool, at home.

That being said, parents often feel a bit of uneasiness regarding an unsecured swimming pool (DO NOT say, and they’re right to be concerned).  For this reason, Poolsafe offers removable pool fences to help eliminate much of that worry so that the pool can be enjoyed more fully.  We have so many customers that cannot have an automatic pool cover because their pool shape or design won’t accommodate it and they don’t want the hassle of a manual pool cover so they turn to a removable pool fence to secure their family pool.

Safety pool fences are a great option for families with pools that are free-form shape.  Pool fence can even be installed on pools that have steps or raised walls around the pool area.  The benefits of a removable pool fence include: ability for adults to remove the fence as desired without tools, maintains good visibility of the pool area since the mesh is transparent, and can be installed around virtually any pool or yard.

Removable pool fences are designed to help keep small children (newborn to 5 years old) from accessing the pool area.  No safety product is a substitute for adult supervision but pool fences are a great tool to help families secure the pool area.

For more details, contact us to speak with one of our Safety Consultants.
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Removable Pool Fence Installation in San Diego County

Most pool fences are installed around the entire pool but in some cases it makes more sense to tie the fence into a property line fence or other structure to make the most economical use of the mesh fence.  Every case is different depending on the conditions and the way the yard and pool area is used.

Poolsafe specializes in the installation of pool fences.  We have been in business since 1983 and a leader of pool fence installation since 2002.

We revolutionized the pool fence industry by exclusively installing fence systems that utilize the “pin pole” design, which uses aluminum poles that transition to a solid stainless steel pin that inserts into the deck holes we drill.  Other fences systems had been installed placing the aluminum pole directly into the ground but that was found to create a breaking point for that style of pole.  So, we only offered the pin-pole so that we could provide the highest quality pool fence that allowed us to be able to drill the smallest holes since the stainless steel pins are solid.

When you get a pool fence from Poolsafe in San Diego County, you are getting a fence that is of the highest quality in both product and installation, backed by a company that has been in business for decades and is thriving by doing things the right way.  Please call us to arrange a free in-home consultation.