San Bernardino County Removable Pool Fences


Families in San Bernardino County want a swimming pool at their home for relief from the summer heat and all the fun that comes with one but they also want to take appropriate safety precautions to help keep children safe.


In order to provide families with effective tools to secure their swimming pool, Poolsafe offers removable pool fences.  We also offer automatic pool covers but the automatic pool cover is limited in terms of the shape and design it can cover after construction is complete whereas a removable pool fence can secure virtually any residential pool.


A safety pool fence is a popular choice for many families because they are affordable yet effective safety devices.  A pool fence can be installed on pools that have steps or other features that would not be possible with other safety products.  Benefits of a removable pool fence include the ability for an adult to remove it without tools, good visibility of the pool area because the mesh is transparent, and flexible installation abilities.


Removable pool fences are intended to help keep children newborn to 5 years old from the pool when they are unsupervised, however, adult supervision remains the most critical component of pool safety according safety experts. 

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Removable Pool Fence Installation in San Bernardino County


Poolsafe specializes in the installation of swimming pool safety products like safety pool fences and automatic pool covers.  We have been in business since 1983 and installing pool fences since 2002 so we know what we are doing and our customers get the benefit of a professional installation.


When considering the options for installation of a pool fence, there are a few with a couple variations that can be discussed in person but they are basically enclosing the pool or using some part of the yard or house to tie into in order to close off the pool without having to go all the way around.  Every yard and the way each family uses their yard is different so each fence layout is also different to accommodate those differences.


We install the strongest pole in the industry that also allows us to drill the smallest hole.  How is that possible?  We use a 1” aluminum pole that transitions to a ½” solid stainless steel pin, which is the part that is installed into the pool deck.  Our pole design enables us to offer the highest quality pool fence without drilling huge holes in your deck.  Many families in San Bernardino County appreciate these benefits coupled with the fence being backed by a company that has been in business for decades. 


We would love to help you make your pool safer and provide peace of mind.  Please call us to schedule a safety consultation.