Riverside County Removable Pool Fences

There are a lot of young families and swimming pools in Riverside County.  Families love their swimming pools because they provide so much fun and entertainment but they can also be a cause of concern for parents.  The good news is that there are proven steps families can take to safeguard their swimming pool.

Many pool owners are interested in a removable pool fence because they have a pool and want to place a physical barrier between the home and pool as swimming pool safety advocates recommend.  In fact, such advocates recommend the use of ‘multiple layers of protection’ to secure the family swimming pool.  Poolsafe offers removable safety pool fences and automatic pool covers to help families keep their children from using the pool area unsupervised

While safety devices are a great tool to help families keep their own children, and visitor children, safe, adult supervision is irreplaceable.  That being said, swimming pool safety products, like a pool fence from Poolsafe, are sought after because they are effective, easy to use, and adaptable to almost any pool.  A removable pool fence is intended to keep children from newborn to 5 years old from accessing the pool area.

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Removable Pool Fence Installation in Riverside County

The layout of each individual back yard determines the best way to install your pool fence but they are most commonly installed by enclosing the pool on all sides.  There are alternative methods that may be used for various reasons that can be considered given that every yard and usage are different, which will influence the way the pool fence should be installed.  So, in consultation with you, we will help determine the best placement of the fence.

Poolsafe specializes in pool fence installation.  We have installed removable pool fence since 2002 and we have been in business since 1983.

When we first began installing pool fences, we assess the product on the market and determined that the safest and best option for homeowners was a fence that is designed using aluminum poles that transition to a solid stainless steel rod, which is the part that is installed into the pool deck.  The solid stainless steel pin provides strength and allows us to drill the smallest hole in your deck.

Poolsafe installs pool fences that are the highest quality with the best installation so that your pool fence will look great and provide a good barrier to secure your pool.  Please call us to arrange a visit with one of our Safety Consultants.