Orange County Removable Pool Fences



Outdoor living in Orange County is a way of life that is often synonymous with pool parties and in-home entertainment.  Whether you have a pool that you want to protect during events like these parties or you are most concerned about the little ones you have at home, a removable pool fence is a great solution.


A safety swimming pool fence is a very effective method for securing the pool area to help keep young children (newborn to 5 years old) away from the pool.  Of course, adult supervision is irreplaceable but why not have a great tool like a pool fence to help you keep it safe.  Pools are super fun and having a pool fence helps keep it that way because parts aren’t stressed about safety.  When desired, an adult can remove the fence temporarily, or you may choose to keep it installed at all times.  Once your children are older, you can remove it if you feel that is a safe choice for your family but then put it up if you have visitors with young children that are not pool safe.


Removable pool fences are ideal for irregular shaped pools because these don’t normally accommodate an automatic pool cover or a manual pool cover.  In most cases, even if it did work for a manual pool cover, the pool fence is still the better option because families tend to use the pool fence more faithfully.

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Removable Pool Fence Installation in Orange County



Many people think that the only option for a pool fence is to install it enclosing the pool area.  However, sometimes it is a better option for the family and how they use their pool and yard to tie into a fence or other house feature rather than making a big circle around the pool.


We specialize in the installation of removable pool fences.  We have been in business since 1983 and installing pool fences since 2000.


We changed the industry by only offering a pool fence system that required drilling a much smaller hole in the deck while providing a stronger pole.  The design is possible because our pole transitions from an aluminum pole to a solid stainless steel pin.  Other swimming pool safety fence systems utilize aluminum to secure the fence, which requires a larger hole and is not as secure.  Ours provides the lightweight feature of aluminum while providing the strength and benefit of stainless steel where the pole enters the deck.


When you work with Poolsafe, you will get a child safety fence that is of the highest quality and is installed by experts backed by a company that has been in business for decades and is growing.  We would love to help you make your pool more secure by providing a pool fence, so please call.