Bay Area Removable Pool Fences


Swimming pools are a key aspect of residential landscape design in the Bay Area so many homes have beautiful pools.  Whether people have their pool for the entertainment and fun or simply to enhance the aesthetic value of their yard, there is a huge need for swimming pool safety.  Pools offer great fun but the allure of pool water must be respected by those pool owners that may have children visit the home.


Adding a safety pool fence around your pool will provide peace of mind for parents, grandparents, and even friends and visitors and may even become a useful tool used by parents to help manage who can swim and when they can swim.  When you have a pool fence, you can employ it when small children are around or an adult can remove it when they determine doing so is appropriate.  Another great thing about a pool fence is that it is designed to provide maximum visibility of the pool area.


Some pool shapes will accommodate an automatic pool cover, which not only provides safety but also delivers energy and water savings, cleanliness, heated water, among other things.  However, many more pools in the Bay Area are designed with shapes and features that do not allow for use of an automatic or even a manual pool cover leaving a removable pool fence as the best option.  Frankly, a pool fence is a better option in almost every case over a manual pool cover.


A removable pool fence is designed to help families keep children ages newborn to 5 from entering the swimming pool unsupervised but it is still just one tool.  Of course, adult supervision will always be the preferred method to keep children from the pool but a safety pool fence is a great tool to help parents manage the pool area.

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Removable Pool Fence Installation in the Bay Area


There are many options for installing your pool fence.  We can completely enclose the pool or tie into yard features, like a property fence, to enclose the pool in such a way as to enable maximum use of the yard.  It is easy for a pool fence company to recommend installing the fence all the way around the pool but that may not be the best option depending on the situation.  Every situation is different and our Safety Consultant can discuss your options and help identify the best method for you.


We specialize in the installation of pool fences and have been in business since 1983.  Our business has grown significantly, even during the recession, so you can be confident that Poolsafe will be there for you in the future.  There are some companies that do a few pool fence installs per year to supplement what they do but in order to develop proficiency a company needs to install pool fence on a regular basis. 


Not only will we provide a great installation but we also offer a product that is the highest quality backed by a company that has been in business for decades.  When you need a contractor to install a safety pool fence, call Poolsafe!