Removable mesh pool fences can be installed around most pools and are a great solution for pool safety when an automatic pool cover is not a viable option. A removable pool fence is an effective barrier for small children to help families secure their pool.
Notice to Homeowners. California State Law requires all contractors performing work with a value of more than $500 to hold a current, active Contractor's License. Failure to hold a license while performing work is illegal. In this economy there are shady individuals attempting to cheat the system, which leaves the homeowner at risk of liability for injury on the job, minimal recourse for poor workmanship, and substandard quality. We have all required licenses and insurance. Our California State contractor license is 476754.

Safety Pool Fence Models

Fences are available in heights of 4 ft. and 5 ft. Social Services require use of a 5 ft. fence. Fences are offered in brown, beige, green, gray, and black.
  • 4’ Pool Fence Model

    The fence height that is most commonly used is the 4 ft. version. A 4 ft. fence is the most common because it provides the minimal recommended height according to ASTM, an organization that establishes standards for safety products. Customers also appreciate this height for its appearance because since it is shorter than other fence heights it is below most adult’s line of sight. Line of sight is important for aesthetics because it helps this fence configuration to be less visible. Benefits Features
  • 5’ Pool Fence Model

    A 5 ft. fence is required by social service agencies for day care, foster care, adoption, and other social services applications. These agencies typically require the pool fence be installed as part of the application. While the 5 ft. is general used for social services compliance, other customers appreciate the added peace of mind they get by having an extra foot of height to help keep children out of the pool area. Benefits Features
  • Pet Fence Model

    Many homeowners want to have a way to protect their pets around the swimming pool. For these customers we offer the same removable pool fence product with a specialized pet mesh that makes it more difficult for the animal to claw or chew through it. Pet mesh is made with a tight weave, which does make it less transparent than traditional mesh. Benefits Features
  • Brown on Black

    The most popular removable mesh pool fence color combination is brown on black, or in other words, brown poles and border with black mesh. The brown on black combination provides the perfect combination of an earth-tone color that will blend with almost any southern California yard and black mesh that provides the greatest degree of transparency. Benefits Features
  • Black on Black

    The second most popular removable safety pool fence color combination is black on black, or black poles and border with black mesh. While people initially think they will like the black on black best because it is all the same color, they commonly move to the brown on black because it blends better with the pool area landscaping making the entire fence less noticeable. Benefits Features
  • Tan on Black

    The third most popular pool fence color combination is tan on black, or tan poles and border with black mesh. People are often most surprised to see how much better this looks installed than tan on tan, or tan poles and border with tan mesh. A color mesh, especially one that is lighter in color, reflects sunlight and draws attention whereas a black mesh absorbs light making the mesh more transparent. Benefits Features
  • Gray on Black

    The fourth most popular mesh pool fence color combination is gray on black, or gray poles and border with black mesh. The gray on black color combination looks great in a yard with a lot of natural concrete and rockwork. Benefits Features
  • Green on Black

    The least popular safety pool fence color combination is green on black, or green poles and border with black mesh. One would think that the green on black combination would be preferred in any backyard with high vegetation. However, while the green looks good against vegetation it tends to contrast with other prevailing colors in most backyards. Benefits Features
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Highest Quality Pool Fence Features

Some companies hope you will believe that all pool fences are equal, or “good enough”. Our customers know that safety is not an area for cutting corners. Our customers want the best quality fence that will be durable and keep their family as safe as possible for as long as possible. Poolsafe provides the best quality and value...and we have for a long time.

Triton Fence

The most important feature of a removable pool fence is the gate because children most commonly attempt to enter the pool area at this point. Our patent-pending Triton gate is the most innovative, strongest truss system and gate design. The tri-truss system supports the gate not only from side to side like the industry standard double-truss but also from front to back ensuring our Triton gate has a solid, reliable support structure. Our tri-truss also incorporates our Steelcore technology (described below). Our gate design has a curved top bar that rests behind the mesh border of the gate so it appears to have no top bar yet provides the strength of a 4-sided gate. Our design makes the Triton gate climb-resistant.
  • Unique, self-closing hinges are angled on top to help keep children from getting a foot-hold.
  • Completely removable without the use of tools, whereas some others require tools.

Beware of companies that either do not recommend or even advise against the use of a self-closing, self-latching gate. Such a recommendation directly opposes the advice of every safety organization and does not comply with building codes or social service requirements.


The second most important part of a removable pool fence is the pole. Our pole uses Steelcore technology making it the strongest pole available because we combine a synthetic insert and stainless rod that inserts into the deck rather than the aluminum itself (as is the case with standard fence poles). While our Steelcore technology makes our pole so strong, it provides the added benefit of requiring the smallest deck hole so you don’t end up with large holes all over your deck.      


Our ClearGuard mesh is the most transparent in the industry, which is constructed with a special weaving technique in which two threads are twisted around the vertical threads at each corner resulting in a stronger mesh with larger holes for improved transparency. Our mesh is independently tested and meets all ASTM and other safety standards.         Back to top

Removable Pool Fence Benefits

Homeowners traditionally purchase a removable pool fence for safety, but there are other valuable benefits. When an automatic pool cover is not a viable option, a removable pool fence is usually the next best alternative for child safety. Our fence is available in several colors. A picture of the general color scheme is shown below but the beige is not accurately colored. For all colors, we recommend that you discuss them with our Safety Consultant to determine the best color for your yard considering dominant colors of the landscaping, hardscape, house paint, patio furniture, and other considerations.


Our pool fence satisfies safety standards of ASTM, social services, and some building codes. Poolsafe has focused on providing the best quality pool fence because the quality directly affects safety of this product. From the poles with stainless steel pins to gates with sloped hinges, Poolsafe has focused on maximizing safety. Compared to a pool alarm that does not provide any benefit in terms of physically keeping a child from the pool, a removable pool fence is an effective physical barrier to keep small children away. Unlike pool nets and mesh pool covers that can allow a small child to be exposed to water, a fence helps keep children away from the water entirely.


Unlike some products, a removable pool fence is the only product that can be installed around virtually any pool that will be used without changing how the pool is used. We can put a fence around pools with raised planters, sloped hill-sides, raised walls, steps, grass, and almost any landscape feature. Pool nets and mesh pool covers have limitations on installation and even when installed properly can be a major pain to take off and re-secure.


The removable pool fence is more likely to be used over time because it is easy to use, unlike a pool net or a mesh cover. Just open the gate and you have instant access to the pool area whereas a pool net or a mesh pool cover will take several minutes to provide pool access...and then you have to put it back on! Another great feature, our removable pool fence is completely removable without the use of tools, unlike a pool net or mesh pool cover that have to be pulled so tight that tools are used to stretch or tighten the net or cover.
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