Automatic pool covers have long been the preferred method of securing the family swimming pool. There are other safety products you can choose, such as fences, manual covers, and alarms – but none of them provide the additional benefits of an automatic safety pool cover. In fact, we would never recommend alarms as the primary method to secure the family swimming pool because it does not serve as an actual barrier to entering the pool. Manual covers are safer, but they are not convenient, so they are only viable for customers with very specific requirements. Pool fences, on the other hand, provide a barrier to help keep young children from the pool area but don’t offer the benefits of a retractable safety cover. Safety organizations recommend the use of multiple barriers to keep children safe from the allure of the family pool. We have several customers in San Diego County and elsewhere that invest in both an automatic pool cover and a removable pool fence. Safety is usually the most important consideration for most pool owners in San Diego who choose retractable pool covers. Other benefits that are of interest include virtually eliminating water evaporation, adding warmth and retaining heat, and keeping the pool clean and ready for swimming at a moment’s notice.  

Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Installation in San Diego County

At Poolsafe, we’ve installed automatic covers for various types of pools, from traditional to more elite designs. We have been installing pool covers in San Diego County since 1983. Our owners have decades of experience and our technicians are the best in the industry. Due to this combination, we have successfully completed jobs that other companies thought impossible. Building a swimming pool is a large investment, but if you choose Poolsafe to install your pool cover, you will be quite pleased with the outcome. Many of the best pool builders recommend and hire Poolsafe for their pool covers. If you’d like more details about our retractable pool covers, please contact us to speak with one of our Safety Consultants.  
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Automatic Pool Cover Service and Repair in San Diego County

Poolsafe has been installing and servicing automatic safety swimming pool covers for about three decades -- longer than any of our competitors in Southern California. And our technicians tend to stay with Poolsafe for many years, giving them an exceptional level of experience and expertise with repairing just about every variety of automatic pool cover system. That also means that they can diagnose and fix your pool cover faster, regardless of the brand. There are many old models and versions of automatic pool covers that are currently installed and needing service/repair. New systems are built so much better in order to minimize service but those older systems can often be kept running well for years and years. When it comes time to replace it, we will do a great job in that effort for you as well. Call us today to find out more about our swimming pool cover repairs in San Diego County or to get a quote on a new pool cover! You can also contact us online.