More and more swimming pools are being built in Riverside County, and coupled with that is the use of more and more automatic pool covers. Automatic swimming pool covers are such a great product for a family swimming pool because of the benefits they provide. Of course, the primary concern of parents and other adults is the safety of the pool. However, there are other great benefits that families enjoy – like having a pool that is ready to swim as soon as you remove the pool cover. How awesome is that! Water savings and heat savings and retention are also popular benefits. The benefits a safety pool cover provides is the reason why they are such a popular option in Riverside County. When a family builds a pool, they want it to be fun, and a retractable pool cover makes it more economical. There are other pool safety options such as pool alarms, or manual pool covers or removable pool fences that provide a good barrier to keep children from the pool, but none of them provide the additional benefits that automatic pool covers do – such as helping prevent algae buildup and evaporation while keeping the pool clean and swim-ready. We have many customers who use both a pool cover and a pool fence to optimize pool safety since that is consistent with recommendations by swimming pool safety advocates that admonish “multiple layers of protection,” meaning families should use as many methods as needed to secure the pool based on their particular family needs.  

Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Installation in Riverside County

Our business has been installing automatic pool covers since 1983, so we know pool covers! We have worked with many different brands over the years, as we have always sought to bring the best brands to our customers. We have installed some amazing custom pool covers in Riverside County, but we have also installed many pool covers on simpler pools as well. Whether the job is simple or intricate, our customers get the same level of expertise and quality installation to create a lasting investment. We would love to discuss details about your pool and how we can help you avoid common pitfalls that occur during pool construction as it relates to a pool cover. We can help your project progress smoothly and have Safety Consultants available to meet with you. Call us so we can begin to help you through the process.  
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Automatic Pool Cover Service and Repair in Riverside County

Due to our decades of experience working on every brand of pool cover, we are able to help any customer regardless of the brand. The pool covers we install are easier to keep running well because they are installed correctly but we can use our expertise to help improve any pool cover system in Riverside County. Some older models that use outdated technology and designs will eventually need to be replaced, but we can make them run better until you’re ready to replace them. Contact our office by giving us a call today – or you may also contact us online to schedule service.