If you live in Southern California and you have a swimming pool, you know there are many reasons to have an automatic retractable swimming pool cover -- from increasing safety, to preventing evaporation of water and chemicals, to keeping debris out and inhibiting the growth of algae. Manual pool covers just don’t do those functions as well as automatic covers, and they’re more cumbersome to use. Alarms are another method some people use for safety, but they really don’t keep children from the pool. All an alarm does is signal if the child is already in proximity to the pool, whereas an automatic pool cover or a removable pool fence actually keep children from the pool. Safety is always the number one concern of our customers in Los Angeles County who come to Poolsafe to purchase a pool cover, especially an automatic pool cover. Organizations that focus on water safety for children routinely recommend the use of “multiple layers of protection”. As a result, we have many customers that use both a retractable pool cover and a removable pool fence to secure their pool. Although safety is the most valued benefit of a pool cover, there are other benefits that make it the clear choice over the alternatives – including water savings, heat retention and savings, and water that’s so clean it is always swim-ready.

Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Installation in Los Angeles County

Poolsafe has been in business since 1983 and has offices throughout California and in Utah and Idaho. Since opening our business, we have installed pool covers for many of the best builders in southern California, including the Los Angeles County area. Our experience makes us uniquely qualified to install automatic pool covers for everything from the most complicated to the simplest swimming pools. We are always ready to help our Los Angeles County customers with any project that involves an automatic pool cover. We will use our experience and expertise to help you make sure your project runs smoothly and that the outcome is a pool cover that looks great and functions beautifully. Call us at any time to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our Safety Consultants – we’d love to talk with you.  
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Automatic Pool Cover Service and Repair in Los Angeles County

We have been installing and repairing pool covers for so long that we are well versed on all pool cover brands that exist. We know how to fix anything from the old, tired, outdated models to the newer versions that may need some special attention. There are many automatic pool covers in the greater Los Angeles area that use old technology coupled with old designs that are much more prone to needing service. Our experience and expertise will help get them running well and keep them running longer until it is time to change them out. Call us now or anytime to schedule a time for one of our technicians to repair your pool cover in Los Angeles County. You may call us or contact us online.