Swimming pools are so fun, beautiful, and even relaxing. However, some pool owners don’t enjoy the upkeep, which can be significantly reduced using an automatic pool cover. A safety pool cover will keep yard debris out of the pool so that your pool is ready for you when you are ready to swim. As convenient as that sounds, and it is, the best benefit of an automatic pool cover is the safety. Many pool owners have small children that live in the home or that visit regularly. Other pool owners maybe aren’t concerned about children but are concerned with security since they use the home as a second residence. In any case, an automatic pool cover keeps children from the pool and secures it when you are away. Due to the many additional benefits of a retractable pool cover, many people prefer an automatic pool cover to other safety options so that they can save water, save and retain heat in their pool water, and provide a real, physical barrier between the home and the pool. Poolsafe offers quality retractable pool covers in the Bay Area. Safety experts agree that “multiple layers of protection” is the best method to secure the family swimming pool. In fact, many customers purchase both an automatic pool cover and a removable pool fence from us to maximize safety. Both are good independently but together they provide a great benefit to pool owners in terms of increasing swimming pool safety.
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Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Installation in Bay Area

When it comes to the automatic pool covers that are available in the Bay Area, there are real differences in product – and those differences matter. But the quality of pool cover installation matters just as much. Poolsafe has been specializing in pool cover installation since 1983, so we are able to use our decades of experience and expertise to make sure your pool cover is installed using best practices – so you get the most out of your investment. We have installed pool covers on pools that were thought to not be coverable, such as vanishing edge pools, yet the industry now offers pool covers for these kinds of installs – so we were ahead of our time! Whether your project is considered complicated or not, we will provide you with the highest quality installation. In fact, some of the most respected builders in California refer us to their customers and/or hire us to install pool covers on their projects. Please contact us for more information about how we can help you make sure your pool construction goes smoothly to accommodate a pool cover. We have a Safety Consultant who is ready to talk with you when you need him.  

Automatic Pool Cover Service and Repair in Bay Area

Poolsafe doesn’t just install new automatic swimming pool safety cover systems in the Bay Area. We also repair and service existing pool covers by all manufacturers. Our technicians have the experience and know-how to quickly diagnose and repair your automatic pool cover system. There are many older versions of automatic pool covers that use old technology and designs that will eventually need to be replaced, but in the meantime, we can fix your cover and make it work better than it has in years. Call Poolsafe today or contact us online to find out more about the many benefits of our retractable pool covers, to ask about automatic pool cover repairs in the Bay Area, or to get a quote on a new safety pool cover system!