To review the automatic pool cover model options, click on Models To learn about features that make our pool cover system first-rate, click on Features. To see benefits of an automatic pool cover, click on Benefits. To learn how we can repair and improve your old pool cover system, click on Services.

To review the automatic pool cover model options, click on Models
To learn about features that make our pool cover system first-rate, click on Features.
To see benefits of an automatic pool cover, click on Benefits.
To learn how we can repair and improve your old pool cover system, click on Services.

Automatic Pool Cover Models

  • Under Track Model

    If you are building or remodeling a pool, now is the time to have your automatic swimming pool cover installed. It will be too late to provide the most custom and aesthetically pleasing options if you wait till after the pool is built. If safety, pool efficiency, cleanliness, and convenience are important to you, we recommend that you find out what needs to be done to add an automatic swimming pool cover. We can work with standard rectangular pools to more elaborate designs including raised walls, raised spas, vanishing edge, and perimeter overflow. Benefits Features
  • Vanishing Edge Model

    A vanishing edge pool (or infinity edge pool) is a design that really highlights a beautiful view or landscaping. While the vanishing edge design is custom, an automatic swimming pool cover is still an option. In fact, we were the first to ever install an automatic safety pool cover on a vanishing edge pool so we have the experience to do it right. We’ve continued to innovate how the vanishing edge pool is covered making it an option for many more pool owners than ever before. Benefits Features
  • Flush Track Model

    For the customer that prefers a more free-form design but still wants an automatic swimming pool cover that is built into the pool structure, this option requires preparation so the mechanism can be installed in the ground rather than on top of the deck. It is a low-profile option for some pools. Benefits Features
  • Top Track Model

    An automatic swimming pool cover is a great option for many families that don’t have a new pool or plans to remodel but still want to enjoy the Benefits. As long as decking around the pool is all the same level and wide enough for our track system, your pool may be perfect for a retro-fit automatic swimming pool cover system. Benefits Features
  • EZ Slider Model

    A manual pool cover system that looks like an automatic swimming pool cover without a motor so it is completely manual. A pool owner with this model must pull the cover over the pool to secure it and use a hand crank to remove it. The Easy Slider can be upgraded later to our automatic swimming pool cover system. Poolsafe recommends this model only for small pools. Benefits Features
  • EZ Snap Model

    This portable manual pool cover can be rolled out of sight when not in use. Hand-anchored locks secure the cover in place. Our custom cover can accommodate most irregular shaped and multi-level deck pools. Benefits Features
  • Spa Cover Model

    We can provide the easy snap, easy slider, or automatic swimming pool cover options for a spa. We also offer foam spa covers. Just like swimming pool covers, any of the spa cover options we provide are safe but customers prefer the automatic configuration for its convenience and ease of use. Benefits Features
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Automatic Pool Cover Features

As an independent distributor, we have aligned ourselves with the best manufacturer in the world to ensure that our customers get the best. We have installed and worked on pool covers for over 30 years so we have seen it all.

Cover Mechanics

Every system we install for our customers comes with a touchpad switch for keyless operation. The touchpad is easy to use and incorporates an electronic safety relief to protect your family and your pool cover. Other systems rely on a mechanical device that is designed to “slip”, which eventually results in the need for repairs. A few companies offer keyless operation, but none offer the electronic safety relief technology combined with keyless operation. Our system mechanics have been engineered to improve our customers’ experience. Some improvements include:
  • No more shear pins that regularly break rendering a pool cover inoperable
  • No more slip clutch (torque limiter) that regularly loosens requiring adjustment to restore proper operation
  • No more mechanical cover alignment that users of systems with old alignment technology find maddening
  • No more external wiring connected directly to internal motor wiring for improved water proofing of the motor
  • … and the list goes on. For more details, ask to speak with one of our Safety Consultants.

Hybrid Edging

An automatic pool cover uses special edging to connect the pool cover and track system. Our edging is thicker, stronger, and more flexible, which is visibly noticeable when examined in person. Special inhibitors protect it from pool chemical and UV. We even provide color-matched edging for improved appearance rather than white edging traditionally provided. Traditional edging is known to prematurely dry, fray, split, and create service needs. Our edging has virtually eliminated edging repairs.

Cover Material

Our lowest shrink rate fabric provides a long lasting, high performing fabric that will look good and allow for proper function for years of use. Our vinyl is poured, not laminated, which means that there is no glue holding layers of fabric together. In other words, laminated vinyl could fail prematurely if the glue is compromised but our vinyl does not use glue in construction.    

Cover Colors

Colors (from left to right): Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Green, Brown, Beige, Gray, Charcoal.

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Homeowners traditionally purchase an automatic pool cover for safety, but there are other valuable Benefits that will save money and maximize pool enjoyment. Due to the Benefits an automatic pool cover offers, families are more likely to faithfully use this safety product than any other. No other safety product comes close to offering these Benefits.


Safety A Poolsafe automatic pool cover is strong and durable, exceeding safety standards of ASTM, UL, social services, and building codes (check with your local inspector). An automatic pool cover completely seals the pool so it is “out of sight, out of mind” of the young child that might otherwise be attracted by the lure of the pool water. In comparison, a mesh cover or a pool net may allow exposure to enough water to partially cover a child’s torso and still technically be considered a safety cover. Homeowners would universally agree that does not provide their desired level of safety. Further, a pool alarm provides zero deterrent to a child attempting to access the pool and leaves the responsible adult reacting to danger rather than proactively helping them secure the area.


APC 237 You can open or close your pool in about 30 to 60 seconds with one of our automatic pool covers by simply pressing a button. Comparatively, any kind of manual pool cover, whether it be a solid vinyl manual cover, a pool net, or mesh, takes much longer to remove and replace and is physically demanding. Many manuals covers also require a tool to remove and replace it. A manual cover is so inconvenient that most people either end up not using it or not using the pool as much as they otherwise would, effectively wasting their money.


Lesswork_2 A solid vinyl pool cover keeps yard debris out of the pool and inhibits green algae growth because the cover fabric is opaque reducing sunlight green algae needs in order to grow. Simply open the pool and the water will be clean, ready for an enjoyable swim…no need to clean out bugs, pollen, leaves, etc. Clearly, a pool alarm does not help keep the pool clean. Neither do pool nets or mesh covers, which both allow debris to pass through to the water and also allow sunlight to enter the water fostering green algae growth.

Environmentally Friendly

benefitsGood Pool water evaporation depends on many factors including climate, wind exposure, and the amount of direct sunlight that hits the water. For example, a pool may loose as much as 2” to 4” of water per week in southern California. A solid vinyl pool cover virtually eliminates evaporation and reduces chemical usage because it completely seals the pool so water and chemicals are not lost. You could save as much as 70% on chemical costs over the course of a year. On the contrary, a pool net or mesh cover allows water to pass freely out of the pool meaning despite investing in this type of cover, you would get zero benefit in terms of water evaporation.

Heating and Retention

Fun An automatic pool cover acts as a passive solar generator and retains solar energy received by the pool water adding as much as 8 to 12 degrees, effectively extending our customers’ swim season significantly and reducing heating costs. To view information about your area, view a government report on energy savings with automatic pool cover usage. Pool owners cherish comfortable pool water so they can enjoy pool parties and just fun family time. However, a pool net or mesh cover do not retain heat generated by pool solar or the pool heater and certainly do not add heat to the pool water.

Pool Efficiency

Since an automatic pool cover keeps pool water cleaner, customers can reportedly reduce pool equipment run-time by as much as 70%, saving electricity and extending the life of pool equipment. A pool that uses a mesh cover or a pool net will need to run their pool equipment to circulate their water as if they did not have a cover at all. Since debris and algae growth are not inhibited by these manual covers, the water must be treated by traditional circulation methods and for a standard circulation time.


091808 058[1] An automatic pool cover is low profile by design and can even be customized to conceal the pool cover. Customers especially appreciate this feature when they have a great view or landscaping to enjoy and they don’t want their view obstructed. By comparison, in order for a manual pool cover to be effective, like a pool net or mesh pool cover, it is installed on top of the deck requiring drilling holes into the face of the deck. Further, the pool net or mesh cover is attached to those holes so it is quite visible and unattractive. Back to top


Replacement Pool Cover Fabrics

When you need a replacement fabric for your swimming pool, you want to get the best value for your investment. An automatic cover provides many important benefits, which makes quality so important. We recommend replacement pool covers made by Automatic Pool Covers, Inc.because they offer the best combination of quality vinyl, pool cover edging, and workmanship including:
  • Every fabric we make uses 18 ounce coated vinyl and the thickest vinyl available industry-wide. Many fabrics today are made with 16 ounce coated vinyl, but we will make your replacement fabric with our “upgraded” vinyl at no additional charge to you.
  • Our replacement fabrics come with hybrid webbing that is thicker, stronger, and more flexible than standard pool cover edging (webbing). And our edging is color matched with the fabric color for improved aesthetics.
  • We use rope that has a track record of outlasting standard pool cover rope, which has been a problem for many manufacturers. Our rope, called Invis-A-Rope, is dark gray so it blends into tracks for a nicer appearance.
  • No matter what manufacturer made your original cover, we will have APC make your replacement cover with these cutting edge components so it can last longer and work better than previous.

Repair Components – We Service All Makes And Models Of Automatic Pool Covers

There are several common parts that require service on automatic pool cover systems that use “dated technology” including: sheer pins or a mechanical slip clutch, alignment brakes, motors, and switches. The components we use are of higher quality than those provided by the original manufacturer. Any system that uses a sheer pin or mechanical slip clutch is designed to require regular maintenance in order to maintain proper operation. Even with optimal conditions, these designs require regular service or repairs. Due to our years of experience and vast industry product knowledge, we have the ability to repair those older systems better than anyone but also have the ability to upgrade your system with parts that will be more durable to improve your experience. Some improvements include:
  • Our mechanism uses an electronic torque limiter based on patented technology to ensure the best protection for the automatic pool cover yet avoiding the regular maintenance of a system with sheer pins or mechanical torque limiter.
  • Minor cover alignment discrepancies are not a problem for our system, which is designed to ensure complete opening and closing whereas other systems often run crooked. And, you certainly don’t ever have to touch the hardware to make operational adjustments like you would with older systems.
  • The motor we use is completely sealed and injected with a “potting resin” to protect against water damage. Other motors were designed in such a way that leaves them vulnerable to water damage.
  • We can even replace your old key switch or key-lockable switch with our touchpad that is more secure. You never have to worry about losing your key, breaking it, or accidentally leaving it in the switch, which is the most dangerous exposure.
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