Automatic Pool Covers

I will always have a Poolsafe cover on my pool. Without a cover I would not have a pool. My two young girls always want to get in the pool. My nervousness is set aside by the knowledge of the safety barrier I have. My auto spa cover also provides me with the same amount of safety. The pool stays so much cleaner than the neighbors’ pools. When I want to swim, my cover unveils a sparkling clean pool. My chemicals last longer, and the water stays warmer. I am impressed with the courtesy and the professionalism with which I was treated during all phases of installation. Come see my Poolsafe cover! Tim R.(Murrietta, CA)
Our pool is very safe!!! Even though we do not have small children at home anymore, we do have grandkids that come over. I have no fears about leaving the sliding doors open and letting them enjoy the yard for playing. Our pool is cleaner and stays warmer a lot longer now. Thank you for your services and design ideas. Scot & Suzanna M. (Escondido, CA)
I want to let you know that we are extremely satisfied with our custom, motorized pool cover, as well as your outstanding service. The cover was installed in 1997 and is in great shape. It’s a great comfort to have your cover on our pool, knowing that our grandchildren and dogs are safe. It has been tested many times by both, and always allows them to return to firm ground. Also, it greatly contributes to keeping the pool free of debris. Bill O. (Rancho Santa Fe, CA)
As a Real Estate professional, I have found that most people that are interested in a house with a swimming pool almost always have some degree of anxiety about safety for both their family and others. This often will create enough uncertainty that they will not buy the property, even though it may be perfect in every other way. Whenever a property with a pool has your safety pool cover, the anxiety is relieved and if the house is right, the sale goes through. I also appreciate being able to send my prospective buyers to you to discuss options and evaluate their needs. This has been a very valuable service to me. I appreciate your professional approach to my clients. Ginger L.P. (Escondido, CA)
Thanks so much for the great job on the pool cover. We appreciate your hard work. Thank you so much again. J Hine, John Hine Pontiac, Mazda, Chrysler, Plymouth (San Diego, CA)

Removable Pool Fences

Your Safety Consultant was professional, clear, and gave a thorough presentation. The installer was very good and open to my suggestions. I was very pleased with the service and quality of Poolsafe’s workmanship. I feel better having my 3 yr old granddaughter visit now. Carole K. (Palm Springs, CA)
The technician was quick and professional. He did a beautiful job. Greg Z. (Temecula, CA)
Your installer was awesome and so precise with angles, especially dealing with my existing fence. I wouldn’t change a thing. Steve L. (Oceanside, CA)
All the people that I dealt with at Poolsafe were fantastic! They were punctual, helpful, and professional. Todd T. (Fallbrook, CA)
I had to have a fence around my pool fast!! My grandkids were coming to live with us. You guys were very busy, but you fit us in and had it done in 3 days. Your Safety Consultant was so helpful and wonderful to work with, he went above and beyond! We are so thankful to him. I would refer your company in a heartbeat. Thanks so much for caring. Dona O. (Poway, CA)


Thank you for participating in the exhibit portion of the San Diego Safe Kids Coalition Annual Report to the community. Many people commented positively on the information they obtained at your exhibit. In addition to providing an exhibit, we thank you for your continued support of and participation in the Drowning Prevention task force of the Coalition. The expertise you provide allows the Coalition to provide life saving information to a variety of individuals. Your willingness to share the drowning prevention messages in the community increases the capacity of the coalition significantly. With your continued assistance, we will realize our vision of San Diego being a community free of unintentional water-related injuries. Cheri. F (Director, Center For Healthier Communities)


Sent out a knowledgeable service representative.Adrienne J
Took time to explain everything well. Patient and courteous. Did everything in a timely manner. Al M.
The technician did a great job on the cover as well as correcting the position of the bar at the front of the cover. Barbara P.
Helped to find needed electrician so the work can proceed. Beverly H.
Did an excellent job as always. Bob P.
The technician was exceptional, kind, and knowledgeable. He worked hard to make things work right. Bobbie W.
My pool cover was only opening 1/ of the way and since they were going to replace my cover they came in just a few days and resolved both issues!! Chris G.
Great to work with. Respectful and willing to answer all my questions. Craig S.
Answered my questions and speedy installation. Dale G.
Technician is always professional, works very hard, and explains things clearly. Dalene J.
Took time to talk, listen, and explained. Deborah R.
Installation was timely and well done. Denise H.
The technician was a pleasure to work with. Donald M.
The cleaning result was spectacular! The cover was almost unsalvageable, but the technician did a great job of cleaning and restoring the cover, so that it looked brand - new! Edward B.
Did a great job installing fence. It looks excellent. Edward G.
Excellent service - From sales to install! The technician does exceptional precise work and took the time to map out the placement with me. I really appreciated that. He's a great hard - worker and kind man. Erica K.
Worked tirelessly to complete the job in a day. Fiona G.
The product closed the deal. Fred W.
Perfect installation. Very neat, thorough, and considerate. George E.
On time, very nice, well explained, and turned out great. Gina S.
On time, professional, and efficient. Carefully installed a child proof fence into our blue stone pool deck. An aesthetically appealing safety fence that did not detract from the look of our outdoor living space. John G.
New pool cover looks great! Your tech arrived right on time and never stopped until the job was completed. Joseph D.
It is a pleasure working with your company. Kari K.
The technician were courteous, friendly, and did a good job installing the pool cover. They talked about the use and care of the pool cover with us and had called in advance to let us know of a delay in their arrival. Katy S.
Punctual, professional, and a job well done. Keith W.
Great! Initial meeting went well and install was smooth and quick! Kimberly G.
I am glad they were able to remove all the dirt build up from the surface of the cover and restored the cover to it's like-new appearance. Laurence C.
Showed up as scheduled and did a good job. Leo E.
The installation involved a lot of custom pieces and they were done well. The installers took a lot of time with us, choosing the locations of every hole and giving us good input. They are very detail oriented and precise. Mani J.
Was polite and efficient. Marilyn L
Did a fine job repairing our pool cover and getting it to open to full capacity. The technician was polite and also informed us of things we need to do to improve our cover. Service was exceptional! Marvin H.
We enjoyed working with Poolsafe. They provided us some valuable advice regarding kid and pool safety. Mei L.
Quality product and installation. We were able to get our fence pretty quickly from quote to installation. Melissa G.
We are very happy with your service and would highly recommend Poolsafe. Mike L.
Everything was done well! I really appreciate the checking of all areas of the cover and fixing and tightening of the screws. Thanks to everyone. Mildred L.
The technician was very professional and able to improvise when I had given incorrect measurements. Nancy S.
Thank you sooo much for the help with my pool cover. The technician did a beautiful job. Pauline S.
The technician were very friendly and competent. Ray K.
The technician did an excellent job and explained and demonstrated the problem. Richard S.
The technician was very efficient, knowledgeable, and cautious. He was a good man and had good advice. Robert P.
The technician did a great job and explained everything thoroughly. Robert V.
Very courteous and informative people. Robin N.
Quick and professional. Rod F.
The technician did an excellent job. Ron M.
Efficient, thorough - very neat and tidy when the technician was finished. Rowland
It was a good experience all around. They were very professional and service was a good experience. Sam A.
The technician did a great job - very professional and gave me some valuable information. He is very good at his job. Sandra P.
One of the best cover cleanings we ever had. Sandra R.
Through out every phase, from estimate to installation, the technician proved to be cavernous, Knowledgeable, and neat. He was highly professional in every way. Stan F.
The technician were skilled, polite, and effective. They were great to work with! Steven C.
The technician did and outstanding job. Suzanne C.
Always appreciate being called a day ahead of pool cover servicing so I can make sure the gates unlocked and your response to problems. Employees usually provide good service and are polite. Suzanne T.
Were willing to meet my husbands budget on this project. I appreciate it. Tania G.
The office staff gave a lot of good information over the phone and was able to accommodate our schedule. There was good explanation of the product, the technician was on time, and everyone was professional. Tara K.
Provided a superb installation. The technician engineered a very effective and elegant solution for our pool fencing situation. Thomas. U.
Technician was quick and nice. Vande P.