Los Angeles Removable Pool Fences


Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world and while that refers to Hollywood and all the other fun benefits of Los Angeles, we can’t forget our swimming pools.  Parties and entertainment featuring the family pool area a mainstay of living in southern California. 


Homes with swimming pools that also have children are concerned about swimming pool safety so these families invest in things like automatic pool cover and removable pool fences to help parents keep small children from accessing the pool.  While most people would prefer an automatic pool cover, that is not a viable option for some pools because of the design.  In such cases, a safety pool fence is the next best choice.


Pool fences are the product most used to secure non-rectangular and multi-level pools because they can be install around almost any pool, are completely removable by an adult without the use of tools, and because they provide a physical barrier between the home and the pool as a physical barrier for children.  A removable pool fence is designed to help keep children ages newborn to 5 years old from the pool.  People that don’t have children in the home often still install a removable pool fence so that they can remove it most of the time but then easily put it up when children come to visit.


While a pool fence can be removed for parties or other events, many families choose to keep the fence installed during a party to help manage use of the pool.  When they keep the pool fence in place, they can let older children swim while the younger children are outside the fence doing other activities for example.

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Removable Pool Fence Installation in Los Angeles


There are many ways to install a pool fence in terms of layout options.  Some pool owners prefer to encircle the entire pool.  However, others prefer to enclose the pool by going around a portion of the pool and then attaching the fence to the yard fence or house or other yard feature.  In every case, we discuss the best methods to secure the pool on a case by case basis considering the layout of the yard and pool and the way the family uses the yard.


Since we specialize in the installation of removable pool fences, we are very comfortable discussing all your options and helping identify the best method to help secure the pool.  We have been installing swimming pool safety products since 1983 and pool fences since 2002.


Safety is so important to us so we only install what we consider the best pool fence.  Our pool fence is of the highest quality using a 1” aluminum pole that transitions to a ½” stainless steel rod, which is the part that gets placed in the ground.  The stainless steel rod is important because it is so strong, it is tough, and it allows us to drill the smallest possible holes in the deck while still providing the strongest pole.


Our customers get a great product, great installation, and great service.  People also value the fact that we have been around for decades and have grown even through the toughest times in the economy.  So, you can have confidence that when you work with Poolsafe, we will be a reliable, solid company for you to work with over the years.