Pool owners in Utah are very safety conscious when it comes to their swimming pools. Fortunately, there are many options of swimming pool safety product. While there are many options, by far the most popular in Utah is automatic pool covers because they provide many benefit beyond just safety. Other options for pool owners include manual pool covers, pool fences, and pool alarms but we would never recommend an alarm because they don’t provide any physical barrier between the pool and children. Manual pool covers are safe and provide good benefits but much of the good is often offset by the negative of being inconvenient and difficult to use simply because it is manually operated. A pool fence, on the other hand, is only intended to enhance safety for small children around a pool but it can be used around any pool and is convenient to use. Safety organizations recommend the use of ‘multiple layers of protection’ to secure the family pool with adult supervision being emphasized as irreplaceable. An automatic safety pool cover provides great security and also provides other benefits including virtually eliminating water evaporation, adding warmth and retaining heat, and keeping the pool clean and ready for family enjoyment at any time.

Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Installation in Utah

Poolsafe has specialized in automatic pool cover installation since 1983 and is well respected by others in the industry for the innovative work that we have done. Many unique pool cover installations have been done by Poolsafe and even our basic pools receive the same attention to detail resulting in a pool cover that works great. We opened our Salt Lake office in 2015 after purchasing Elite Pool Covers from Andrew Leyer, who had been in business under that name since 2009. With Poolsafe support and expertise coupled with Andrew Leyer’s vast experience with pool cover installation, service, and repair in Utah, we are able to offer customers great value. Combining two companies with strong reputations for customer service has been a great benefit to pool cover owners in Utah. We work with pool builders and directly with homeowners. We would be happy to discuss your pool and how we can use one of our pool covers to help you make it more safe. You may call us at any time. We look forward to your call.

Automatic Pool Cover Service and Repair in Utah

Due to the experience of our technicians and company, we are able to provide service and repair for any brand of pool cover. We use parts that are either original factory-made parts, or parts that are higher quality so your pool cover will perform better. We know what to look for to ensure that your pool cover runs better than it ever has, things that technicians with less experience would miss. Call us today to schedule a repair or service for your pool cover.